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The 45th edition of the international youth day in Dschang was marked by the opening of a free training centre of computer science. The training centre is localised at the building found behind the ancient bakery called “la renaissance”, present bakery of progress, plan to help students and other disfavoured persons to have access to communication and information technology by discovering and learning first of computer science outillage. To start, five computers, one formative, one supervisor to reduce the flock of seekers. After the matching of the 11th February, a group of 50 young students coming from riverside resident villages of Dschang town, took an assault on the place of Free Initiation centre of Computer science which was preparing itself to open its doors for the first time and this place which, in reality is just a corner of the street which border behind the moto park towards the sanctuary of Djoumessi Mathias, was very narrow to contain this small crown of ICT fanatics. The centre, initiative of the Association of intervention against Destitution and Rural exodus (AIDE RURAL), made a facilitator to access in ICT. Students and people coming from rural zone, discriminated youths from our urban areas and this target is not by force:” this centre is very good for us, and we say thank you to his developer. I will make sure that I am here regularly to change theory to practice. In the secondary school (CES of Lingang-Foto), we are doing computer science classes without even having an image of what it looks like, but I’m having the pleasure to touch it today”. Said Temgoua Stève, in the class of 3eme espagnole. The computer science teacher of CES, Ngouné Schiefo Dieudonné,thinks that he has discover an ideal partner to encourage his students to be attentive and to always be present to this computer classes: «We come from CES of lingang. Since 3 years that I have been teaching computer science, everything was just at the level of theory.i think that the opening of this centre even though it is 10Km away from my school, it will help us to organise ourselves so that our students can come here to apply what they learned in class. We don’t have a beter condition and all this is due to the absence of electricity in our area”. The person in charge of Rural Assistance, MOMO BRICE BIENVENU know very well that the centre which his association just open, call forth many other people, for the demand is vast and the local is not adapted to contain the human tide which will flow from now on.

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