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The message from the principal of Lingang secondary school
Dear parents, students and teachers staff of Lingang secondary school, today, we are assisting on exceptional visit; in fact, we are welcoming an association called “aide rurale” created by a group of young people, who in this time of economic crises has choose our secondary school to give gifts of didactical materials to the 350 students that are in our school. Dear members of rural assistance since the opening of this school which is 10 years in age today; this is the first time that we are welcoming an event of this scope. Ones more, thank you very much rural assistance I will also take advantage of this opportunity to inform you that since 6 years now, we are teaching computer science in this school but no one have ever seen a computer. We do it only theoretically. If it is possible for you to help us with some computers in the nearest future, we shall be infinitely grateful. In the name of parents, students and staff teachers present here, I thank you. Rural help support the millennium objective for development
The international community in the year 2000, fixed objectives to reduce the poverty rate to half in the whole world before 2015. From the 20th to the 22nd September, the chiefs of states and of government met at New York around the secretary general of the United States. At the forum of United States, majority of the world leaders confirm that the Objectives of the Millennium for Development (OMD) can be attain. Rural assistance by its actions is joining itself to the international community so that in 2015, its actions should be realised in 2015 by exhorting donating countries to make sure that their aids goes directly to those concern principally. Rural assistance created since 2 years now to fight against poverty in rural zone, has start up its program called (rural education).
It’s a program of every year which, by the distribution of school fournitures, help parents and students of primary and it secondary school of rural zones, where 98°/° of the population lacks a job. More than 8000 students benefit from our program this year. Aide rural take advantage to this situation, to launch a call to the Cameroonian authorities and to the international community so that they should look into case of rural zones where more is still to be done: lack of infrastructures, illiteracy of the majority of population, malnutrition, lack of medical treatments and drinking water etc. in some rural zones, populations are hardly cut oneself off from the whole world. As example, we have been in a secondary school where students who receive theorical informatics course since 6 years, testify that they have never seen a computer, while it is indispensable tool for education in this actual millennium.

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