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HIV/AIDS, a rural problem. On the 31, 1 million of infected persons by HIV/AIDS, a damaging majority (95°/°), live in developing countries, AIDS is becoming a great danger in rural zones than in towns. Absolutely, there are more rural persons than urban people affected by AIDS virus. The epidemic is spreading itself at an alarming rhythm up to remote villages, reducing food production and threating the survival of rural communities. Africa represent only 1/10th of the world population but, 9 new cases on 10 infected by HIV are look up on as concentrated. 83 per cent of all the death cases due to AIDS are in Africa, where sickness had killed ten times more human beings than wars: a treat for agriculture and dietary security of households. AIDS destabilises the agricultural system.
The FAO estimated that, in 25 African countries, the most touched, AIDS has provoked the death of 7 million agricultural workers since 1985. It could still kill 16 others millions in the course of the next 20 years. In addition to the above, HIV/AIDS imposes a heavy charge on our rural communities, for the number of people living in urban areas, and migrant’s workers whose goes back to their village of origin when they are sick and carriers of the AIDS virus. Rural assistance joint itself to the international community for the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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